NaturalReason, Lda. is a pellets production company based in Azores, Portugal. This is a renewable and clean fuel. We created a project based on sustainability that we believe it will create relevant dynamics on the region biofuel market. Besides the commercial and productive strand, NaturalReason also develop with several entities a number of initiatives aimed at empowering business and ensure both environmental and economic sustainability of it's projects.


We produce wood pellets, a solid fuel generated from forest biomass. We are responsible for the entire manufacturing process including fuel quality check and legally mandatory certifications.

What are pellets?

It is a renewable fuel with a very high calorific value that can be used in heat production systems either in industrial or domestic environments. Biomass pellet are made of compressed wood with a very low moisture content.

How they are used?

The pellets have the same traditional destination of fire wood. They are burned to generate heat. The high compression of the pellet and it's low moisture content makes it a very efficient fuel. A ton of pellets produces as much energy as 1.5 tons of wood.