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"Excerpt from PANORAMA magazine #54, from the European Commission (pages 34&35)"

The Azores archipelago consists of nine inhabited islands in the mid-Atlantic, extending over an area of more than 600 km. The features of the territory and its economy have meant that the Autonomous Region of the Azores has always been classed as an outermost region, as recognised in Article 349 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

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In November last, NaturalReason, Lda. signed the SIDER incentive program contract (Incentive System for the Azores Rural Development).
Thus, it is concluded and contracted the application process submitted by NaturalReason, which was approved by the Regional Government of the Azores for the project to build three manufacturing units of wood pellets in Terceira, São Miguel and Pico.
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The Azores Regional Government recognizes the project "Installation of three manufacturing units of wood pellets (biofuel)" to be developed in the islands of Pico, Terceira and São Miguel, by NaturalReason, Lda. as Regional Interest Project.
NaturalReason, Lda. expressed it's intention to develop an investment project that will contribute to the consolidation and diversification of renewable energy supply on the islands of Pico, Terceira and São Miguel.
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